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We proudly provide kegs to 2,700+ customers across North America.

Why do Canadian brewers choose North Keg? Well, we’re transparent—our monthly fees are all inclusive and straightforward, and our leasing options are flexible, designed to make owning and renting kegs simple and free up your cash flow at the same time. Think of us as your personal keg concierge with the sole purpose of making your life easier.

Our Options Make Sense.

Put your mind and pockets at ease.

Make sure every payment goes towards final ownership of your kegs. Your buyout costs are lowered over time as you build equity in the eventual purchase of your kegs.

Save hard-earned capital for other brewery needs
Keep keg payments off your balance sheet
Finalize ownership on your timetable

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Need a program that can adjust to your immediate growth needs -- without committing to a larger keg fleet? Our Flex Term Rental program offers a variety of options to fit your demand.

Rental terms available for 18 or 48 months
Short term rentals to meet seasonal demand
Long term rentals with low monthly rates to manage your cash flow

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Selling to out-of-province markets with slower turns? Pay-per-fill lets you fill, ship and forget!

Get the kegs you need at our lowest contracted rates
Available in (20Lt) 1/6 BBL, (30Lt) 1/4 BBL, & 50Lt kegs
Ship kegs to major markets in all Canadian provinces, plus export kegs to the USA & (EU)

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Get on-demand access to stainless steel kegs for North American or European Union export. Get the kegs you need, supplied on a pay-per-fill basis.

Protect your beer with stainless steel
Ship kegs between North America and the EU
RFID tracking

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Join 2,700+ brewers who already experience the savings and peace-of-mind that comes from partnering with North Keg & Keg Logistics

Return capital back to your brewery
Rid your brewery of kegs you don't need
Remove debt from your balance sheet

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Give your kegs a voice.

When your kegs stand out, they don’t get lost in storage. You can brand our kegs with up to two colours, so establishments will see you when choosing the next beers to feature. Go ahead, show off your beer.

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"We sell beer, and North Keg has made it easier for Hometown to sell more beer to more people. Quality Kegs and Quality People."

— Tommy De Vos

President HTBC

"Working with North Keg was an easy solution to help curb the initial start up cost of opening our Cider house."

— Poet Comeau


"Dealing with North Keg has been a breeze since starting XhAle in 2020. Jill and Matt are always reliable, timely and efficient with communication and request processing. I highly recommend their services and great quality kegs!"

— Christina Owczarek

Founder, XhAle

Your Kegs.

A selection of kegs with simple pricing is on tap for Canadian brewers.

Lowest monthly rates - guaranteed

Custom Area 01
Custom Area 02

60 kegs per pallet

42 kegs per pallet

24 kegs per pallet

30 Year Warranty

Now that’s a guarantee.

Custom Branding

Your beer. Your kegs.

2-4 Week Shipping

Delivered fast, right to you.

Pour your passion
into kegs you can be Proud Of.

Let’s Grab A Beer.

If you brew, we’d love to hear from you.

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